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Training, Lessons and Boarding

Intense Horsemanship Lessons

We offer all disciplines of riding by the Bob Burrelli Team to those ages 6 and older. Please contact the Double B Ranch office for length, frequency, and pricing of lessons offered. Our professional staff is ready to listen to your needs and recommend the best course of action. The following are among the various lesson options:

  • Ranch/trail Obstacle Course

  • Cow Working/Cow Sorting (Mechanical cow on premises).

  • Ranch Roping

  • Team Penning

  • Reining

  • Training Performance Horses

  • Flat Work/Jumping

  • Equitation/Classical Dressage

Christine on Koda.jpg


The Double B Ranch is first and foremost a training facility. We train horses and their owners. Our philosophy of training is Natural Horsemanship. God made horses beautiful and highly intelligent creatures, that we might enjoy a relationship with them. Natural Horsemanship, therefore, is all about the human nurturing a relationship with the horse so strong and close, so as to earn the horse’s complete trust. We do this at the Double B, using soft & quiet techniques, which are always in the best interest of the horses. These techniques have come down to us from the traditions of the Vaquero (Spanish horseman) and can be traced back to the Greek Commander Xenophon, who lived in the 5th century BC.


Please contact the ranch to find out more about our Boarding options.

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