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Client Testimonials

“Horsemanship clinics are designed to help people further understand how to get along with a thinking, feeling, decision making animal.  I highly recommend Bob Burrelli.  He is an amazing horseman. If you are serious about learning about your horse and excel in your riding, call Bob.”

Dave Harlan
Fine Arts
Prescott, Arizona

“I saw Bob Burrelli’s advertisement in the Massachusetts Quarter Horse Newsletter. I gave him a call after the “harsh” techniques my trainer was using on my mare were making her nervous and fearful. After 30 days with Bob, I have gained back my confidence! His knowledge and understanding is exceptional. He has helped me to be confident and comfortable with my horse.”

Lynn Wenners
Plymouth, MA

“Thank you, Bob, for everything. Your care, attention, generous investment of time, and patience. It has paid off for our horses and for us, and we really feel that you have helped us to go to the “next level” with our horses.”

Denise L. Page
Boston, MA

“I’d like to express the wonderful work that Mr. Bob Burrelli has done for me and my horse. Mr. Burrelli has a lot of experience, and it shows. He has a gentle, patient, and magical way with horses, including my own.”

Kimberly Najarian Pena
Jupiter, FL

“When I met Bob Burrelli, he showed me letters from other people that had used him to train their horses and they were very impressive. Right from the very beginning [my mare] responded to him. I think anyone looking for a trainer that truly cares about horses and their best interest will find that in Bob Burrelli. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Cindy Lit
Hanson, MA

“Bob and I have trained many horses together, and I find him to be honest, conscientious and ethical. He understands the psychology and physiology of horses and never uses excessive force or cruel training techniques. He will never offer more than he is able to deliver.”

'John R. (Jack) Pizura
Wicky-Up Ranch – Woodlake, CA

“My three children and I just recently attended a three day horse camp at the Double B Ranch and enjoyed it immensely. Christine Burrelli is very knowledgeable and excellent with children. All the children had 3 lessons that they looked forward to each day. Bob Burrelli Sr., also called “The horse whisper of the east” provided us with an unforgettable demonstration of the Natural Horsemanship methods both riding and handling their horse Rocky. He is truly gifted with horses. We enjoyed learning a method that teaches us to build a trusting relationship with horses and the Double B was an amazing facility.”
Tammy Baldinger
Windsor, NH

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