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Christine Burrelli

Like many girls, Christine was smitten with horses at a young age. She began taking lessons when she was 10 years old and owned a horse as a teenager. The “horse bug” never left her even after she got married and moved to Texas. For three years in Fort Worth, Texas she trained under Charles Osborne who was directly trained under Nuno Oliveira. From him she learned the principles of Classical Dressage and improved her riding ability. Upon arriving back ‘home” to Boston, she began her training under Bob Burrelli, Sr. Her years with Bob opened up a whole new world of understanding the horse. He not only continued teaching her Classical Horsemanship but also introduced her to Natural Horsemanship and all that it involves. Since beginning her training with Bob she has earned her Instructors license through the state of Massachusetts and now owns, with her husband, the Double B Ranch.


Bob Burrelli Jr.

Bob Jr, son of Horsewhisperer Bob Burrelli Sr., was introduced to the world of Natural Horsemanship back in the 60’s, when as a toddler he would watch his dad train and ride the family horses and experienced for himself the thrill of the ride. The defining moment for him came the day he sat on “Bards”, his dad’s Appaloosa mare that had just been worked in the round pen, when she decided to race around the pen at a full gallop. He managed to stay on for the few rounds at the sound of dad’s calming and confident voice: “Just relax and hang on, Bobby, she can’t go anywhere.” That might have been the start of a promising road of horsemanship ahead for young Bob, if it weren’t for an early onset of asthma and allergies. For many years after, he would only hear about how his dad won the horse over with a quiet way. Bob grew up, spent eleven and a half years in formal theological education, received his PhD abroad in the field of Theology, and became a full-time pastor. It wasn’t until 2004 that he discovered that asthma and allergies would no longer deter him from a former love of riding that never died. Picking up where he left of so many years ago, he began training with his dad. Today Bob owns and runs the Double B Ranch with his partner and wife, Christine. Both are members of the Bob Burrelli Team. That Bob is his father’s son in the area of horsemanship is evident; he inherited his dad’s agility as a rider, skill in groundwork and roping, and ability to read the horse. You can find Bob often by his dad’s side in the round pen, working horses of all breeds and of all ages.


Bob Burrelli Sr.

Bob Burrelli, “Horse Whisperer of the East”

The Double B Ranch is where noted trainer and clinician, Bob Burrelli, works with horse and rider. Known as the “Horse Whisperer of the East” who brings the West to the East, Bob offers over 40 years of experience in natural horsemanship, training and teaching all disciplines. He brings together Classical Dressage and Natural Horsemanship in the tradition of the Vaquero, using gentle progressive training methods in accordance with the time-tested principles of classical riding (Spanish Riding School). Bob believes you don’t ride the saddle, you ride the horse. Bob teaches “It doesn’t matter what discipline you ride, there is only one correct way to ride.” Bob teaches proper equitation and Natural Horsemanship, insisting that the two must go hand in hand: “I have seen too much of one without the other, and the balance is gone.” Based here in New England, Bob helps clients all over the U.S. create a better partnership with their horses through gentle, effective training, and traditional Vaquero training methods. From starting colts, to helping problem horses live happy lives, horses and their owners have put their trust in Bob with amazing results. Whether you come to Double B to inquire about training for your horse, attend or host a clinic, or for private instruction, we encourage you to pick up the phone and call Bob personally. You can feel comfortable talking with him about what it is you’d like to achieve. You’ll feel the immediate understanding that you’re about to begin a lovely journey with your horse.

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