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The horse has been a symbol of majesty and strength. The ancients thought of them this way, classic works of the western cannon capture them this way, and people today often think of them this way. As a result, most would think that horses are beyond abuse, but sadly this is not the case. Horses in the wild are often exterminated for many illegitimate reasons. In addition, there are domestic horses who also need to be rescued from deplorable situations, where they are underfed, underworked, ignored, and beaten with boards and chains.

We at the Double B Ranch are dedicated to promoting the proper training and riding using the time tested methods of Natural Horsemanship.

Natural Horsemanship is a discipline that not only harnesses the horse’s strengths in a loving and gentle way, it changes the trainer, and anyone else that works directly or indirectly with it. Horses have a way of changing people for the better. Therefore the Double B Ranch exists to benefit not only the horse, but the human with the horse.

It has long been recognized that being around horses can be therapeutic on many levels, which is why therapeutic riding has been so sought out. Whether you’re training them, riding them, or caring for them, the horse will impact you in many positives ways: it will teach you patience, renew lost confidences, instill peace of mind, in short enrich your soul! We at the Doubt B believe in this element wholeheartedly and would like to use our skills to help the human.

Natural Horsemanship can be traced back to the vaqueros of Spain that settled and populated what was then New Spain, now Mexico . . . skilled riders whose life was herding cattle. There were few things that they couldn’t do from the saddle and, at that time, to be a vaquero was considered one of the highest stations in life. “Vaquero” is Spanish for “cowmen” and made its way into English as “cowboys”. The Vaquero’s way with a horse was gentle, patient, and therefore quite precise and effective. In fact, Caballero, which comes from the Spanish word for “horse”, means “horseman”, but literally “gentleman”. The traditions of the Vaqueros are kind and gentle.
Natural Horsemanship is about the way we relate to the horse and why that way is in the best interest of the horse. It is gentle, without the use of harsh tools, manipulation, and infliction of pain. It’s all about the horse, winning over its trust, so that it wants to be with you all the time, even more than it wants to be with any other horse.
Natural Horsemanship is a discipline as rich and worthy as any other and should be passed down from generation to generation, for the sake of horse and human. And it is not only breathtaking to watch, and wonderful to experience, but is at the same time useful to those who own and ride horses. It is the foundation for all styles of riding. We believe that if horse and rider are to be together, they need to relate to each other in this way.

Horses are such amazing creatures: so much power and strength behind a soft and kind appearance. It is even more wonderful when they exert their strength for you, because they have come to trust you and are willing to work with you. And that is the end result of Natural Horsemanship. It’s about horse and rider working together, thinking together, waiting on each other. A strange and beautiful partnership, a relationship that enriches both.

The Natural Horsemanship Equine Rescue, Inc. is a registered non-profit organization that may receive donations from those who are interested in preserving wild horses that are subject to slaughter every year, by rescuing, training, and adopting them.

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