Natural Horsemanship Equine Rescue, Inc. is a registered non-profit organization that may receive donations from those who are interested in preserving wild horses that are subject to slaughter every year.

Our goal is to rescue and train wild horses in the method of Natural Horsemanship so as to turn them into horses that will loved and appreciated by carefully selected and trained adopters.

We are fully registered and licenced by the state of Massachusetts and the Federal Government.
If you are interested in volunteering your time to raise awareness of the plight of wild horses and/or help in fundraising please contact the ranch.

Bob Burrelli Team
Dedicated to Excellence in Natural Horsemanship

Horses are magnificent creatures that have awed people for centuries. People have long looked for ways to capture the animal’s spirit and bend them to the human will. Some do it to prove dominance; others try misguided approaches to experience the greatness and beauty that is a horse. Most people don’t know how to have a relationship and partnership with a horse, or how to be one with them without breaking their spirit.

Natural horsemanship is a training/riding method based on the horse’s language and psychology. Instead of humans forcing their ways on a wild creature who will then react out of fear, natural horsemen approach horses as a benevolent leader who earns a horse’s trust by directing the animal’s feet and movements, moving him through energy. This training method gives the horse options. The horse is not punished for doing the wrong thing, but praised for doing the correct thing. Natural Horsemanship makes the right thing easy and the wrong thing difficult. It’s done with patience, understanding and time, building a trust relationship between horse and human.

Most people in New England are unaware of natural horsemanship and its benefits, or are unbelievers because they’ve grown up using harsher methods. We here at the Double B Ranch are excited to share this technique of horsemanship, that translates into all disciplines of horsemanship, to the people of New England and beyond!